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7497 Thomas Fudge's Catering Biscuits For Cheese 1.6kg

GTIN: 15026139000065

Size: 21x75g

£22.60 £19.25

Description: 1.6kg Catering Pack of luxury artisan biscuits for cheese Includes the following 6 varieties Oat & Chive Biscuits: Perfect with an onion chutney; topped with mature Cheddar or an earthy Gruyere (4 x 75g)Charcoal Hearts : A mellow, smoky crunch for smooth Somerset brie or creamy Camembert (3 x 75g)Multiseed Crackers: A hearty base for tangy Stilton or Roquefort - devour with port and grapes (3 x 75g)Wheat & Rye Toasts: Sensational with a fine goat's cheese and a drizzle of honey (4 x 75g)Beetroot Crackers: Tastiest when topped with a nutty Emmental or creamy, mid feta (3 x 75g)Malted Wheat Biscuits: Light, crunchy and sweet superb with Red Leicester or aromatic, sweet Gouda (4 x 76g)

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